Why on Earth Have the UK Space Agency Been Using FME Cloud?

Sterling Geo needed to demonstrate the value of earth observation (EO) data by delivering between 1 to 100 applications in one year to 1 to 100 public sector and government organizations, under a grant from the UK Space Agency. The talk will show how FME Cloud along with Amazon Web Servers (AWS) was used to deliver these applications within the timeframe. It will explain how FME was used to create code less web API's to publish JSON/GeoJSON data into web applications, create dynamic HTML content delivered on demand from FME, monitor Amazon S3 buckets and SQS message queues to process Landsat and Sentinel-2 satellite imagery and to notify end users of updates through Slack, SMS and Email.
Presentation Details

Phil Cooper

Presenter Company:
Sterling Geo

FME International User Conference 2017