How FME Helps Energy Suppliers

The energy sector deals with massive volumes of data. With FME you can unlock what’s beneath the surface to find solutions for business intelligence, customer engagement, and of course, energy production! Create automated workflows that process your data as soon as it’s been collected so you can spend more time analyzing your data instead of fighting it.

Integrate Disparate Datasets

When data is properly remodeled and standardized for specific uses, the possibilities are endless. Don’t let large volumes of complex data overwhelm you! Reveal business and management solutions by analyzing a variety of data all in one place. To make things even better, do this all without writing any code.

Manage Your Geodatabase

No matter what kind of energy your company works to provide, understanding how resources move through space and time is key. Transform network files or CAD drawings and add them to your geodatabase. Even use your data directly in web maps that customers can interact with and retrieve information from!

Synchronize Collection and Processing

Begin processing your data as soon as it has been collected. Set up events that are triggered by actions like new data being entered to begin automatically processing your data. Instantly calculate and forecast what your supply and demands look like.

Modernize Your Data Management System

Many companies have been moving their databases to cloud storage systems because it is scalable, secure, and can save help save money. Integrate and transform your data without losing any information along the way, then move it directly to your cloud network so that it is accessible to your colleagues.

Customer Stories

Colonial Pipeline Company

Preparing and validating data prior to beginning projects is the best way to avoid any mishaps. With FME in hand, Colonial Pipeline Company and Global Information Systems were able to extract, validate, and transform CAD data before delivering it into their GIS. Not only does this help the company save time and money, but it ensures that their field workers have accurate, up-to-date data when they need it.

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Data Integration for Oil & Gas Companies

Devon Energy

Devon Energy has been a long time user of FME. Maintaining an information delivery system for users, notifying agencies of potential pipeline risks, and visualizing wells in 3D are all projects that required FME. With much of the world moving to digital platforms, Devon Energy has been able to keep up with the pace of change using FME to maintain web platforms such as their Spatial Data Warehouse.

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As one of the largest energy companies in North America, it is critical that TransCanada has a robust enterprise system for data integration. With FME playing a leading role in their enterprise solution, the team is able to complete tasks quickly and easily, saving both time and money!

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What People Are Saying About FME

  • "FME does all my work for me while I sleep at night. It’s absolutely a life saver."

    Jerrod Stutzman, Devon Energy
  • "Out of all the stuff I use, it’s easily my favourite tool because it’s so visual. You actually get to see how the data travels."

    Victor Rutherford, Talisman Energy
  • "FME, which has become the de facto spatial ETL tool in the Oil & Gas industry, has allowed BPX and other O&G clients to automate tedious data workflows while improving data quality, leading to overall improved decision-making. "

    Todd Buehlman, LOGIC Solutions Group
  • "Dale and Don have done a fantastic job with a product that’s very useful for us, it’s solved a major business problem for me, and I think it’s cool on top of it all."

    Robert C. White Jr., WhiteStar Corporation

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