Power the Flow of Data

FME (aka. Feature Manipulation Engine) can easily address the question of “where” and convert your data precisely for your needs. Build your own custom workflows that improve access to data and solve compatibility issues, without needing to code anything.

Who doesn’t want that?

With FME you can automate your data integration workflows and distribute your data to those who need it so you can spend more time using your data, and less time fighting it.

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Convert data from A to Z (or even A + B + C to Z!) in a drag-and-drop interface. Bonus: No coding required!

  • Connect to over 450 formats and applications
  • Eliminate data silos and make empowered business decisions
  • Customize connections with API's, R, or Python to add extensibility


Manipulate your data models and the content of your data to ensure you have exactly what you need.

  • Accelerate the workflow building process using pre-built transformation tools
  • Create customized workflows without needing to write any code
  • Validate your data to create the highest quality datasets


Convert and transform your data automatically. The world may run 24/7, but you shouldn't have to.

  • Run event-based workflows automatically to integrate in real time
  • Create schedules that send your up-to-date data when and where it needs to go
  • Eliminate the manual effort of performing complex, repetitive tasks

How it Works

Step 1

Connect your data sources and specify output locations with FME Desktop.

Step 2

Add transformers as needed to customize your workflow.

Step 3

Run workflows locally or publish workflows to FME Server or FME Cloud.

Step 4

Set schedules or create event-based automation workflows for real-time processing.

Step 5

Now, all your data is in sync and ready to be used!

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FME Desktop

Build repeatable data conversion and transformation workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

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FME Server

Automate workflows built in FME Desktop, and run them on a schedule or in response to triggers and get results ASAP.

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FME Cloud

Choose this pay-as-you-go model and let us take care of hosting and managing your FME Server instances.

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How Can FME Help Me?

Unsure about what a data integration platform actually does? In short - a lot. Read our pages below to dive deeper into what FME is capable of and why it can help you.

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FME Data Express

FME Data Express

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What People are Saying About FME

  • //images.safe.com/logos/customers/surrey-heath_100.png logo.

    "Not only does FME enable us to provide unprecedented access to our data, both to staff and the public, but it also gives us the ability to automate data processing tasks releasing time to focus on developing ways to use data effectively."

    David McDermott, Surrey Heath Borough Council
  • //images.safe.com/logos/customers/facto-geo_150.png logo.

    "The only regret I have using FME is: Why didn’t I start using FME sooner?"

    Ronny van Laarschot, FACTO GEO
  • //images.safe.com/logos/customers/mcdonalds-2_70.png logo.

    "FME is our main software for business and spatial data translation and transformation. It greatly improved the efficiency of GIS service and online reporting service."

    Annie Ye, McDonald's China
  • //images.safe.com/logos/customers/nottingham-city-council_150.png logo.

    "Without FME, it would be almost impossible to maintain Open Data Nottingham to its current high standards. We have a lot of data-sets that are updated monthly, weekly and even daily. These are all done via scheduled FME tasks."

    Kamrul Kashem, Nottingham City Council
  • //images.safe.com/logos/customers/city-of-auburn_150.png logo.

    "FME is one of the greatest tools I have in my toolbox! It’s helped do everything from converting data types quickly, exporting data automatically, to streamlining a lot of our daily GIS processes. If it wasn’t for FME I would still be in the ‘dark ages’ of data manipulation."

    Alice Pence, City of Auburn
  • //images.safe.com/logos/customers/golder_100.png logo.

    "We use FME for anywhere from simple data conversion/manipulation tasks that are not so simple with other software to automating complex processes with relative ease saving hours of work with each use!"

    Sean Kurash, Golder Associates
  • //images.safe.com/logos/customers/san-antonio-water-system_100.jpg logo.

    "Without this cost-effective data interoperability tool, we would have needed to double our team to accomplish what we did with a few people’s effort. In fact, we estimate the money saved in our first year alone is nearly one-million dollars."

    Cindy Tuttle, SAWS
  • //images.safe.com/logos/customers/barnsley_150.png logo.

    "We’ve saved at least £50,000. Had the project over-run, it could have cost £250,000. And, had we needed to use consultants to tackle some of the complex scenarios, we would easily have doubled the amount we spent."

    Riley Marsden, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
  • //images.safe.com/logos/customers/we-do-it_150.png logo.

    "The team at we-do-IT found that that adding FME as a data source for our mobile solution was a no brainer. Our companies share the same values, the FME support and development groups were extremely helpful and of course, it’s a global standard for spatial data ETL."

    Joel Swanson, we-do-IT

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