Complex Data Meets Its Match

Stop fighting your data and start using it. FME Desktop supports hundreds of data formats and applications to help your integrate and transform your data exactly for your needs. Build workspaces in FME Desktop’s drag-and-drop interface and reuse your workflows any time you need to.

While coding is not required to build workflows, FME Desktop supports Python and R to give you the flexibility to extend your workflows. Whether you need to perform simple data conversions or complex integrations, FME Desktop can do it all!

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What Can FME Desktop Do For You?

Data Integration

Connect the enterprise by authoring workspaces in FME Desktop to integrate data from hundreds of systems and applications. Become the hero that eliminated data silos at your organization.

Format Conversion

Convert your data files into new data models or load it into different applications. FME simplifies data conversion and is powerful enough to convert between fundamentally different types of data.

Data Transformation

Whether you need to restructure your data model, manipulate the geometry of spatial data, or something else altogether, FME has a transformer to get the job done.

Scalable for the Enterprise

If you need advanced levels of automation, FME Desktop works seamlessly with our enterprise products, FME Server and FME Cloud, allowing workflows to be scheduled, run in response to triggers, or turned into self‐serve tools.

QA and Validation

The only thing worse than no data is bad data. Use FME’s data quality transformers to identify errors and non-compliant data. (And then use other transformers to fix what you find!)

Workflow Automation

Every FME workspace is repeatable. Design it once and run it again any time you need to. Or publish it to FME Server for advanced automation including scheduling, triggers, and notifications.

Customer Stories

"You could remove every single piece of software from my desktop, but the one that I need is FME"

Roland Martin, Arup

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