How FME Helps Local Governments

Cities are dynamic, forever-changing spheres of life. Thus, there will inevitably always be various datasets for an individual city. Transform your datasets into the format of your choice with FME so that you are never limited by the programs you have access to. FME is the ultimate local government software solution!

Deliver Data and Reports

Well-built open data systems are essential for helping both you and the public process data efficiently. Share or create data products and reports that deliver intelligence about public awareness and safety. Even automate emergency alerts via SMS to citizens!

Land Management and Urban Planning

By emphasizing the “big picture”, potential issues regarding land development can be discussed sooner rather than later. Generate 3D models from 2D data to create virtual environments that aid in decision making about land management and site selection.

Maintain Data for Utility Departments

Technological advances are continually being made, and it’s essential that your data systems keep up with the pace of change. Integrate all utility data to be compatible with the newest software made for utility management.

Update Infrastructure Details

As cities continue to grow and develop, so does the infrastructure. Manage asset information and help inform the public of these changes to roads, alleys, bikeways, and parks so that they can experience how the community is evolving.

Keep First Responders Connected

Provide dispatchers with accurate, current information to remove the guesswork and increase response speed. Equip first responders with on-site details by pulling information posted on social media platforms.

Connect Departments

Integrate datasets across departments to keep everyone connected. Having accessible data will help to increase efficiency in project management as well as create a cohesive work environment.

Customer Stories

City of Surrey

To ensure that users are not limited to data by file formats, the City of Surrey uses FME to automate the production of the same data in multiple different formats. For large datasets, users can select an area of interest from a map and download the data from just that region. FME makes data delivery and retrieval easy for both the city’s staff and the public.

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Surrey Automates Open Data Sharing with FME

City of Malmo

Rather than hiring contractors to create a 3D printed model of their city, the City of Malmo used FME. A variety of datasets from disparate sources were integrated into a single 3D model and transformed into a format suitable for their 3D printer. This physical mini-Malmo is perfect for presenting proposed city change to the public.

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Alpine Shire Council

The 2009 Black Saturday bushfires were a terrible series of fires that devastated the state of Victoria in Australia. This even prompted the Alpine Shire Council to analyze and perform risk assessments in the region to help mitigate the toll of any future bushfire disasters. With FME, the team was able to create a solution that provides real-time risk assessments on properties to help save properties and lives.

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Fighting Australian Bushfires with FME Cloud
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city of vancouver
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city of ottawa
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city of san jose

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What People Are Saying About FME

  • "Not only does FME enable us to provide unprecedented access to our data, both to staff and the public, but it also gives us the ability to automate data processing tasks releasing time to focus on developing ways to use data effectively."

    David McDermott, Surrey Heath Borough Council
  • "I am a visual learner. Being able to create FME workspaces and visually see how data flows and using the Workspace Inspector helps me understand and diagnose solutions that I would have otherwise struggled to navigate."

    Sasha Lockamy, Georgetown Utility Systems
  • "Without FME, it would have taken quite a bit of time to finish this. Not only did FME help us with the conversion process but with other tasks. We cannot wait to implement FME more into our work. There are many resources to help a person become more familiar with FME such as their webinars, forums, and tutorial videos. The staff is also very friendly and helpful."

    Kenric McCay, City of Oak Ridge
  • "Without FME, it would be almost impossible to maintain Open Data Nottingham to its current high standards. We have a lot of data-sets that are updated monthly, weekly and even daily. These are all done via scheduled FME tasks."

    Kamrul Kashem, Nottingham City Council

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