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Partner with Safe Software and join in the success of the FME platform.

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How Partnerships with Safe Software Work

Our partner network spans the globe, including organizations who: sell FME products and services, participate in our MSP program, partner with us on a technology level, and some organizations who do all of the above.

We handle partnerships in a unique fashion, featuring a straightforward path for advancement to which you can add specializations. Start as an Associate Partner, with the ability to move up as your experience and skills increase, all the way to the Platinum level.

Partnering with Safe Software is a fantastic opportunity. Our FME data integration platform is growing, and is used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Unlike other software companies, we don’t engage in any consulting work, preferring to refer that business to our partners, and instead focusing on building the best possible software.

Plus, no fees! We don’t charge an application fee or any ongoing membership fees. We prefer to profit with our partners – not from them.

Specializations Available to Our Partners

Provide FME services

Associate and Up

Our partner network includes consultants and system integrators who market and sell FME services – including public and private training, custom support, consulting, and more – to customers around the world.

Resell FME Products

Bronze and Up

While any partner can resell FME products, once partners meet the criteria of the Bronze and up levels, they also receive a margin on sales. As partners demonstrate success and reach higher levels, their margin increases.

Be a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for FME Cloud

Authorized and Up

FME Cloud is our hosted enterprise data integration platform. Some of our partners operate as an FME Cloud MSP (Managed Service Provider), giving them the ability to manage their clients’ cloud infrastructure on their behalf for a fee that they negotiate directly with each client.

Develop software, services, or tools that leverage FME

Associate and Up

FME includes an SDK and has multiple APIs, creating opportunities for leveraging FME technology. In many cases, partners make their custom FME functionality available for free on FME Hub. Some partners build new hosted services that are powered by FME, while others integrate FME technology within their own software offerings.

Provide localized versions of FME

Associate and Up

We build our FME products in the English language. Some of our partners use our Localization Kit to translate our FME applications and documentation into other languages. Partners retain the intellectual rights to their translation and can license, price, and distribute their work as they see fit. Note: we do not guarantee exclusivity on any language and do not directly compensate for translation work.

Get recognized as an FME Industry Expert Partner

Associate and Up

Our customers’ needs vary by industry. That’s where the Partner Expertise Program (PEP) comes in. Partners who have demonstrated their skills and experience within a particular industry, complete with verified references, receive special recognition as an FME Industry Expert Partner for that vertical. It’s one way that partners can stand out as a proven source of services and knowledge that’s highly trusted by Safe.

Program Perks

In addition to working with a great product (i.e. FME) our partners enjoy working in a fast-growing market, supported by a company with a proven track record of success and innovation. Depending on their level and specializations, here are some of the other perks our partners may receive:

Get a listing on the Safe Software Partner Locator, with a personalized landing page (Authorized & Up).

Listing of your FME-related webinars, training courses, and trade shows on our website.

Access to marketing resources including graphics, presentations, messaging, quotes, collateral, branding, and more.

Gain referrals for services via working in collaboration with our industry account executives.

Assistance from Safe Software on client calls, proof of concepts, advanced topics, etc.

Invites to the annual Safe Software Partner Summit.

Invites to partner-exclusive webinars on upcoming capabilities, the future roadmap, competition, etc.

Receive the Partner Bulletin with early release knowledge and product announcements.

Opportunities to host events on the FME World Tour.

Special recognition as a partner on the FME Community.

Receive a higher priority status in our queues when submitting a technical support case.

Ability to apply for the FME Certified Trainer and FME Server Certified Professional designations.

Access to demonstration licenses of FME for proof of concepts, training, and more.

Application Form

Application does not guarantee acceptance, and Safe reserves the right to accept or reject partners based on market requirements and other variables. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


We care a great deal about our users, and so we choose to accept only the best organizations as official Safe Software partners. In order to apply to become a Safe Software Partner, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a commercial for-profit organization
  • Have a solid business strategy with a proven track record of commitment and success
  • Have an in-depth working knowledge of FME
  • Be able to provide at least two customer or partner references
  • Authorized Tier & Up: Have at least one FME Certified Professional on staff (per location listed)
  • Authorized Tier & Up: Have taken FME Desktop and FME Server training within the last 12 months from a course led by an FME Certified Trainer (online or in person)

All newly accepted partners begin at either the Associate or Authorized tier level, depending on their eligibility criteria and the quality of their application. Advancement to higher tiers is determined based on each organization’s performance as detailed in their annual scorecard.


If you have questions about the Safe Software Partner Program, please contact