We’re Safe Software (aka. “Safe”) — the creators and developers of FME, the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data. Based out of Surrey, Canada, we are a team of more than 190 Safers with over 150 partners worldwide who are dedicated to helping data users around the world discover the power that their data holds.

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Our Mission

To help you maximize the value of data.

Safe Software began in a home in 1993, helping forestry companies exchange maps with the provincial government. It was technically possible, but often involved hours of fighting data and losing information in the process. In short, nobody was happy.

We built FME to change that.

We didn't start out with a business plan, but we did have a desire to help. By sharing FME with over 10,000 organizations around the world, Safe has been able to empower data users who were once limited by their data struggles.

We believe that anyone who needs to connect, transform, and use their data should be able to do so without barriers.

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Our Values

Restaurant Model

We’re not just here to sell FME. Safe operates based on the restaurant model where we believe that we should be providing customers with both a great product and exceptional service. Overall, it’s about the full experience.

Even if the food’s great, bad service can make all the difference as to whether you’ll return. And no amount of wonderful service can make up for a terrible meal. So, why not just strive to be the best at both?

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