The Global Leader in Spatial Data Transformation

Safe Software Inc. is the maker of FME® and the global leader in spatial data transformation technology that helps GIS professionals and organizations master their data interoperability challenges.
FME is used by thousands of customers in more than 116 countries in a variety of industries. Ranging from small businesses to top international organizations, our customers use FME to unleash the power of their spatial data so people can use it where, when, and how they want to.

An industry standard

Most leading GIS and database vendors also rely on FME to improve their own products, meeting their customers’ needs for true data interoperability. You can use FME with almost every leading application, including Autodesk, Esri, Google, IBM, Informatica, Intergraph, MapInfo, Microsoft, Oracle, and Smallworld, to conveniently access the spatial data you need within a familiar environment.

The people behind Safe Software

Our company is filled with passionate, fun, and brilliant experts. We are engineers, programmers, scientists, and professionals ready to help you succeed in taming your data. We are the kind of people who build spatial data-powered renderings of vacations “and even program custom software for our coffee maker. Got a question?” Drop us a line.

An expanding network of partners

Safe Software has a strong history of distributing its spatial ETL solutions and expertise worldwide through a global network of fully trained and knowledgeable channel partners. Today, our partner network has more than 100 value-added resellers across six continents. Our partners are equally passionate and knowledgeable about the depth and breadth of FME’s capabilities and are available to assist you with any spatial ETL challenge.

“Awesome. But where did the name ‘Safe Software’ come from?”

We get asked that a lot, along with “How did you get the safe.com domain name?,” “Do you also do security?,” and “What happened to your hair?” The answer is one of history.

The simplest answer is that Safe Software was founded way back in 1993. Back then, there was a format called the Spatial Archive and Interchange Format (SAIF). It is very similar to GML. Since “SAIF” is pronounced “safe,” we decided to take the name Safe Software as a play on the SAIF format name.

We applied for the domain in 1993, when the Internet was just starting to take off. It is “safe” to say that we would not be able to get this name today!

No, the domain is not for sale (but we’d sure love to buy fme.com!). Yes, FME still supports SAIF today.

“But then where does the name ‘FME’ come from”

Another good question! In 1993, when we founded the company, we focused on translation technology to/from the SAIF format. As we went forward, we realized that other formats could benefit from this technology. By 1996, we had released the first version of our data translation software: the Feature Manipulation Engine. By 2008, we had shortened it to “FME,” since by then most everyone knew what we were talking about and, to be honest, it was a mouthful.

Meet our founders

Don Murray
Don Murray

A GIS evangelist, hockey coach, and spatial data expert, Don leads the Safe team on our mission to help people more easily master spatial data challenges.

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Dale Lutz
Dale Lutz

A software usability geek and huge football fan, Dale strategizes with our development team to ensure FME raises the bar in spatial data interoperability.

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