Our Vision

For Your Data to Flow Freely

Safe Software began in a home in 1993 (click here for the embarrassing proof), helping forestry companies exchange maps with the provincial government. Sure, it was technically possible to share the maps back then, but only after hours fighting with the data. Often, an incredible amount of information was lost in the process.

In short, nobody was happy. We built FME to change that.

We didn't start out with a business plan, but we did have a desire to help. Our passion for freeing data was ignited, and we've been on a mission to help people experience that freedom ever since. We're continuing to expand what’s possible with FME, the data integration software with the best spatial support in the world.

Don and Dale presenting.

Meet Our Team

We're led by our co-founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz. Together, we've grown our team to over 170 brilliant people who share a love for freeing data and the belief in having fun while we’re at it! It’s been more than 25 amazing years, and we still get excited seeing the incredible things our customers do with FME.

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Where Can You Find Us?

The simple answer is that we're based out of Surrey – a suburb of Vancouver, Canada. But the reality is that together with our 400+ partners, we work alongside customers from all over the world. Other major software companies also partner with us, some of whom embed a portion of our technology in their own products. (Who knows, maybe you already use a subset of FME without knowing it!)

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Exterior of Safe Software's building.
1993 Don and Dale