Point clouds are sets of points that describe an object or surface. To create a point cloud, laser scanning technology like LiDAR can be used. Each point contains an ample amount of data that can be integrated with other data sources or used to create 3D models.

With FME, the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data, you can transform your point clouds and ensure that your data is returned back to you exactly the way you want it. Shine a light on your data and bring it to new heights using FME.

Get Started with Point Clouds

Why FME for LiDAR & Point Clouds?

Thin, Split, or Combine

Reduce the size of your point clouds to contain only the points and data you need, or combine them with other point clouds to create your own custom dataset. With FME, your point clouds can be transformed to be unique to you!

Generate Raster Images

While point clouds contain valuable information, sometimes they’re not the ideal format to work with for your project. Easily convert your point clouds to 2D raster models to present your information in pixel form.

Create 3D Models

Use FME to transform point clouds into surface models or 3D objects. Create a mesh prototype with transformers like the PointCloudSurfaceBuilder and add additional details by draping aerial images to create captivating visuals.

Specify Point Cloud Details

Add details like colours to your point clouds or create profiles or slices based on vectors to ensure your point cloud is custom with for you. Alternatively use point clouds to create vectors to aid in your spatial analysis efforts.

Transform Based on Properties

Each point in a point cloud contains data on a variety of properties like intensity, classification, and location. Use any of these properties to select your points of interest and create your own custom transformation workflow.

Free Support!

No matter where you are in your FME journey, we are here to help! Visit the FME Community to discuss your data journey with other FME users and our experts, or reach out to us via Live Chat for further assistance.

Supported Point Cloud Formats

point cloud data
autodesk recap
zf lasercontrol

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FME for Precision Mapping

Point clouds generated from LiDAR offer both precise and accurate information that outline details about the surface of the Earth. For this reason, point clouds are a great source of data for precision mapping as they allow you to detect and highlight irregularities.

Assess surfaces like airport runways with FME to ensure that these surfaces are safe and ready for use. Create workflows that use transformers that isolate the data you need and highlight any outlying points to help you locate where any roughness exists.

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FME for City Models

When point cloud data is being collected, a class is automatically assigned to each point. This information is highly useful, especially to those who are mapping or building a model of a city and its components.

The City of Calgary used FME with their point clouds to extract buildings and integrate them with a digital elevation model. With transformers like the PointCloudFilter and the PointCloudSurfaceBuilder, it’s easy for anyone to make the most out of their point clouds.

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FME for Point Cloud Integration

Point clouds contain a vast collection of data, making them a great data resource. But, sometimes the point cloud themselves are not what you need. With FME you can create new 3D models from point clouds and convert them into formats like PDF to share your models easily.

Looking for something more simple? Use FME to create vectors like shapefiles to view your data in 2D. Alternatively, extract point cloud attributes and store them in tabular form with formats like Excel.

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FME for Point Cloud Integration
  • "We deal with a whole bunch of different types of data, and that’s where FME becomes a real key. I don’t touch the engineer’s data; I read it from FME and then convert it."

    Tim Albert, WSP
  • "We had no experience with FME at the start, and the team was amazing, testing and learning on the job, figuring it out as they went. FME has been at the heart of the project – who knows how long it would have taken without it."

    Kay Henning Kleverud, City of Oslo
  • "If you feel like you’re fighting with your data to get it to do what you want, FME was made to help you."

    John Cook, City of Austin
  • "FME helped us achieve the impossible and their staff is a pleasure to work with!"

    Emmy Thammasine, Denver International Airport

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