How FME Helps Utility Agencies

Data challenges will continue to exist for utility companies due to increasing populations and new technology. With FME you can automatically transfer collected data to assigned storage spaces to ensure that your asset data set is always up-to-date.

Integrate Multiple Data Sources

More data than ever is being generated by utility customers thanks to the internet of things (IoT) movement. Integrate your data in one platform to begin unlocking solutions for how to reduce costs and increase efficiency for both you and your customers.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Empower your customers by providing transparent information via new means of digital communication. Structure and transform customer data for your needs to create reports and offer relevant services to create a seamless customer experience.

Adopt Business Intelligence

Transforming data to be compatible with BI platforms like Tableau or Qlik can help you identify what your next business decision will be. Modifying your data specifically for your needs opens up huge opportunities for identifying business solutions.

Automate Data Distribution

Big data can be intimidating, but managing it doesn’t have to be difficult! Close the gap between you, your customers, and field workers by automating the processing of incoming data to save both time and money.

Maintain GIS Networks

With more people moving into urban spaces, the demand for utility access is increasing. Maintain assets and spatial network information collected in the field by automatically directing data to correct storage locations.

Adapt to Technological Advancements

New technology is being introduced to the world at an exponential rate. Adapt to increasing amounts of data being sent from smart meters and other devices by utilizing storage spaces on the cloud to modernize your company.

Customer Stories

Helsingin Energia

As one of the largest energy companies in Finland, Helsingin Energia needs to make sure that all their data is processed and delivered to those who need it in a timely manner. With FME, they are able to create interactive PDF maps that outline how energy is used in various locations around the country. Decision makers are able to click on the map to see additional information about a given area.

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Data Integration for Utilities Companies

Avista Utilities

Avista Utilities adopted GIS into their everyday work life before realizing they needed something more. FME was the perfect solution for speeding up network tracing, ensuring no data was missed, and most importantly, large-scale analysis. Avista can now build visual workflows without any need for coding. What used to take 12 hours now only took just 15 minutes!

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FME UC 2014 - Effective Esri Geometric Network Tracing with FME

San Jose Water Company

When San Jose Water Company was building an enterprise GIS, they were limited by money, old machines, and slow internet connectivity. FME was integral to creating their enterprise GIS despite these limitations. By automatically running their workflows, they were able to replicate their databases as well as transform and clean data from various sources.

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manitoba hydro

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What People Are Saying About FME

  • "Without this cost-effective data interoperability tool, we would have needed to double our team to accomplish what we did with a few people’s effort. In fact, we estimate the money saved in our first year alone is nearly one-million dollars."

    Cindy Tuttle, SAWS
  • "We now have a system that can quickly get the localities' data into our hands, without having to worry about whether the locality is meeting the specified data model and quality requirements."

    Clay Wise, HRSD
  • "FME is hands down the best GIS software I have worked with in my 20+ years in the profession. All the things PNM does with FME would be impossible to accomplish manually."

    Aaron Allen, PNM
  • "CCCSD has been using FME for more than 15 years to solve a variety of spatial and non-spatial data transformation and automation problems. In this case, it helped us to simplify our sanitary sewer network to align with our CMMS and CCTV systems."

    Carl Von Stetten, CCCSD

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