MSP Program Overview

Manage and build closer relationships with your FME Cloud customers. As an MSP Partner, you support, monitor, and manage customers’ FME Server instances in FME Cloud via one centralized dashboard.

MSP Partners receive the following benefits.

Benefit All MSP Partners
FME Cloud Partner Dashboard Access Yes
FME Cloud Credits $500 (every quarter)
Website presence Listing on Partner Locator as an FME Cloud MSP Partner
Margin Yes (see below)

Partners in the MSP Program receive a margin on the sale of FME Cloud Subscriptions. The margin received is based on the FME Cloud revenue.

Eligibility & Tiers

Any tiered Partners may apply for the MSP Program. MSP Partners must have at least one person with an FME Server Certification. Reach out to your Channel Account Manager to get started.

What Partners Provide

All MSP Partners are required to offer Managed Support Plans which include supporting, monitoring, and managing customers’ FME Server instances throughout the lifecycle of their FME Cloud deployment.

Instance Manage

Day-to-day management of the customer’s FME Server instances via the dashboards.

Security Patching

Ensure security patches are applied and the ports are secured for the customer’s instances.

Uptime Management

Ensure instance notifications are configured to notify the customer if the instance degrades or fails.

FME Server Upgrades

Provide customers with major FME Server version upgrades.

Disaster Recovery

Leverage FME Cloud’s snapshot and backup functionality to minimize the customer’s downtime and data loss.

First Line Support

Deliver advanced customer support and enhancement requests.

Get Started Today.

The cloud has never been easier to deploy with one centralized dashboard. Reach out to your Channel Account Manager to get started.