Take Control of Your Data

FME's integration platform makes it simple to connect hundreds of systems, transform data in unlimited ways, and automate workflows.

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FME is the Swiss army knife for your data

Take control of your data with FME’s integration software. One tool to help you solve many problems.

Connect Your Applications

Easily move information between 400+ data sources – without any need to code.

Transform Your Data

Save time restructuring and prepping data using FME’s library of transformers.

Automate Your Workflows

Turn mindless data chores into scheduled, real-time, or self-serve processes.

A Perfect Fit for any Deployment​

Create workflows on Windows, Mac, or Linux and manage enterprise workflows on-premises or in the cloud.

Integrate data in a few quick clicks.

FME Desktop uses a visual interface to connect applications and transform data. Each workflow is repeatable and can be run again and again.

Automate virtually any data task.

FME Server provides enterprise automation and lets you run workflows in real-time, in response to triggers or requests, and according to any schedule.

Run FME Server in the cloud.

FME Cloud combines the speed and flexibility of the cloud with the automation power of FME Server.

Integrate A and B, with nothing lost in translation

FME supports over 400 file formats, applications, and web services - and includes the strongest support for spatial.

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