Experience unlimited connection possibilities, tight control over integrations and the power of location through the FME Cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Take advantage of flexible pricing where you pay only for the computing resources you use yet always have access to the same level of FME functionality.

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Experience unlimited connections between over 335 applications and formats, along with the power of location analytics, and the benefits of cloud deployment.

Automate application integration workflows with FME Cloud job scheduling, as well as its real-time capabilities, notification services, and event processing functions. Data is always available exactly when and where it's needed.

Author application integration workflows in an intuitive graphical interface and configure deployment and automation settings using straight-forward tools. The FME Cloud puts you in control without the need for costly developer support or infrastructure investment.


See it in Action

6 Examples from FME Cloud Users

Not sure how FME Cloud can help you? Safe's President and Co-Founder, Don Murray, has summarized some of the most innovative customer use cases to date in a blog post that is complete with videos.

Check out the post for FME Cloud examples and inspiration


Features of Cloud Deployment

It's easier and more cost effective than ever to integrate systems and move data where it's needed.

Quick and Easy Installation

Sign up and you're good to go. The application integration power of FME Cloud is immediately yours. Simply choose the capacity you need, name the server, and launch!

Unlimited Computing Resources

Built on Amazon Web Services technology, FME Cloud is free of the constraints of hardware. Take advantage of limitless computing capacity that comes with the high availability, fault tolerance and security expected from enterprise infrastructure.

Cost Efficient

You're in control. Pay only for the computing power you need, and scale it up and down as those needs change, without sacrificing performance. There's no excess capacity, and no hidden fees.

Cloud Optimization

FME Cloud is perfectly optimized to handle data from cloud sources - like sensors, mobile devices, and web services - giving you immediate access to the information you need.

How to Choose: On-Premises or Cloud?

Trying to decide whether to deploy FME technology on-premises or in the cloud? Compare the two in the chart below:

On Premises
(FME Server)

(FME Cloud)

Perpetual licensing model

Pay for what you use pricing model

No hardware or maintanence costs

Fault tolerance, high availability, backups, and security

Vertical scaling

Optimized for:

           Cloud-hosted data

           Local and network data

            Big Data (1 Terabyte+ data volume capacity)

Installation of application software on the same server (i.e. ArcGIS)

Install on other Cloud platforms (IBM, Microsoft)

No coding; Author workflows using a simple GUI, FME Desktop

Customer Success Stories

"We’d been relying on FME to perform data integration on the desktop for years, so it was our obvious choice for this project.

Using FME Cloud, we got all the benefits of FME Server, and the cost savings of hosting it in the cloud instead of on-site."

- Barrett Higman, Alpine Shire Council

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