WhiteStar Cloud - Up and Running

WhiteStar Cloud is now in service with customers after a two year development cycle. Built upon FME Server, the software includes a web front end for user selection of geographical data in a variety of ways: by county, by township, or by a longitude/latitude box. Users then specify the desired output coordinate system and output format. The email subsystem coordinates among these systems (implemented on "The Cloud") and sends the user a link to an ftp pickup site. The intention was and is to provide an easy-to-use front end for allowing customers to self-serve data including land survey, well data, and culture data. In addition, other data types and libraries can be added with relative ease. We will review the original business drivers, technical architecture, and challenges along the way including the current status, future vision, and lessons learned.
Presentation Details

Kevin Weller, ASAP iSystems

FME World Tour 2015

AEC (Architecture Engineering and Construction)