Reverse Engineering Prime2 to Prime1 using FME

Reverse Engineering: Prime2 to Prime1 using FME. The purpose of the project is to provide up to date Prime1 data, which has been re-engineered from Prime2, for those customers whose applications are unable to utilise Prime2. Using FME we took three different approaches to the project. I will provide a brief overview of options 1 and 2 and why they didn't provide us with the required output. I will then focus on the option 3, we have implemented this option. I will give a brief demo of the FME workbench. (1) Converting Prime2 to a Prime1 GFO (2) Writing from the Prime2 Oracle database to our current Prime1 Oracle database (3) Extracting Prime2 updates, out putting to a GFO format to enable graphic operators to update Prime1
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FME World Tour 2015

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