Oklahoma Seismic Monitoring System

In February of 2018, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission introduced new seismic monitoring guidelines for operators within certain parts of the state, including the SCOOP and STACK areas. Faced with implementing a new system quickly, the Chaparral GIS Team knew it had the tools in place to create a complete monitoring system. The one challenge was finding a cost-effective way of notifying lease operators and engineers on the event. The team quickly identified Twilio as the SMS and voice notification tool of choice. With excellent documentation and examples on the Safe website, ChapGIS was able to implement a new system within days. The core system was built completely using FME and models published to the companies FME Server. The workflows run every 5 – 10 minutes and capture the most recent seismic data from both the OGS and USGS. If an event is detected within a well buffer, notifications are sent to the correct personnel responsible for the area. The initial system was built and operational within 3 days with only minor modifications being made over the past year. The overall system was a huge success for the organization and saved significant dollars by purchasing an outside product to perform the monitoring. It also helped showcase how FME can be used to build rapid GIS applications with an easy to upgrade path.
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Paul Morrison

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Chaparral Energy

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