Integrating Regional Spatial Information with FME

The North Central All-Hazards Emergency Management Region (NCR) for the State of Colorado contracted Critigen to develop a web-based GIS data portal where the ten NCR member counties could upload their spatial data to populate one common GIS database. Using a customized FME Server interface, users can upload spatial data and have it automatically translated into a common data model. Counties and other jurisdictions also reap the benefits when they download user-defined subsets of data for their own use into their own data schema. Additionally, the composite database supports an emergency preparedness planning tool, providing first response planners access to a continuous, region-wide dataset. In this session, you will learn how Critigen overcame the challenges faced in completing this project and will be given a view into the proposed next steps and potential applications beyond this effort.
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Frank Orr

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Critigen ?

FME World Tour 2010

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