Implementing a Simple Web Application with FME Server

Using FME Server workspaces and the FME Server REST API, it is possible to implement simple web applications easily while leveraging existing server infrastructure with little to no server-side programming. The City of Austin is able to handle a high volume of requests for zoning verification letters using a combination of automated processes driven by FME Server and manual validation. A number of FME Server workspaces are used to present a front-end web user interface for GIS analysts to determine the zoning information for a parcel, make corrections if necessary, and generate a signed letter in PDF format for delivery to the customer. The application is designed to be easily configurable by non-programmers and uses no other server infrastructure than FME Server itself.
Presentation Details

Logan Pugh

Co Presenter:
Tony Castro, Ben Vanderford

Presenter Company:
City of Austin

FME World Tour 2014

Government (Local)