Extending an FME Blog Workflow for Video Captured from PonyCopters (UAVs)

Using an FME blog posting I extended a workflow developed by Dmitri Bagh in which he captured video and GPS data in both Car and Equestrian modes of transport. The workflow synced the video and GPS track file data to generate a co-located web application showing location map marker location and the video captured. The form factor in this workflow uses drone captured video which is watermarked using a ‘Subtitles’ file. The subtitles contains the UAV telemetry and location details at a coarse timing interval. The workflow being presented will detail how FME was used to parse the watermarked video to create a flight track vector from the subtitles to display the flightpath on a lightweight javascript web application showing synced map and video player frames in a web page similar to the workflow from blog post.
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Steven Cyphers

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FME World Tour 2018