Using Dynamic FME Workspaces to Build an ETL Solution For a Spatial Asset Visualization Application

An ETL solution involving spatial data is the foundation for integrating disparate GIS applications. A spatial asset visualization application relies on an effective ETL application for bringing spatial and other data into the GIS. In this presentation, UDC Inc. will share the details of the ETL solution developed using FME for a Midwest utility company for extracting from the Land, Gas and Electric ArcGIS sde, transforming data and geometries and loading an Oracle Spatial Object database to provide data for their spatial asset visualization application. Multiple dynamic workspaces were developed to do complete and incremental extracts of feature classes, domains, representations with alternate geometries and network connectivity with geometries. This presentation will showcase how this specific ETL solution was put together utilizing dynamic workspaces in FME in combination with Python scripts and C#.
Presentation Details

Sriram Ganesh

Presenter Company:
UDC Inc.

FME World Tour 2018