Cost Calculations for Broadband Network Expansion and Mapping of Bandwidth-Coverage in FME

To achieve the goals of the national broadband strategy "Broadband Austria 2020", the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology announced to invest up to EUR 1 billion as subsidies for the roll-out of broadband networks. The strategy aims to achieve almost 100%-coverage of ultrafast-broadband for all households in Austria until 2020. rmDATA is one of the leading IT service providers for surveying , geoinformation and geodata management in the German-speaking region. rmDATA is exclusive vendor of network planning systems for reputable communication providers in Austria. axmann geoinformation as member of the rmDATA group is responsible for geodata management tasks inside the company and authorized FME VAR and Safe (Gold) Partner since 1999. axmann geoinformation used FME to create routes inside the existing and intended network of the provider's infrastructure to calculate costs for a potential roll-out of the NGA-network for each access-area. The network provider used the results to decide where a development of the NGA-infrastructure meets the concern's strategic objectives and which projects should be submitted for tender within the Broadband-2020-Initiative. For determined projects FME was used to create 100m x 100m raster cells overlaying the project-area to show the approximated bandwidth inside each raster cell after the network upgrade.
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Thomas Galka

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axmann geoinformation

FME International User Conference 2017

Government (Federal)