BOWT: AGOL, Survey 123, Automation and QA

In this "Best of the World Tour" session, we present two of our favorite user stories from the FME World Tour 2017.Using FME to Transform Survey 123 DataEsri's Survey 123 is a great tool for field data collection, but does not provide an efficient platform for ongoing maintenance with the collected data. This presentation will demonstrate a business process workflow that invokes two different FME workspaces: one for transformation from ArcGIS Online into both Excel and an Esri file geodatabase. In these repositories, the data is QC'd using a second FME workspace that is invoked in a cyclical process cycle until 100% data acceptance is achieved. The resulting transformation provides data repositories in Excel for reporting with Power BI, and ArcGIS Pro for re-publishing in a clean state back to ArcGIS Online.- Jeff Puuri, Tensing USA Sisyphean Data Tasks? Automate! or How I Stop Working and Learned to Love FME Wasting time on routine data tasks? Don't have FME Server? Don't have FME Cloud? Stop cursing your IT Budget. Stop ruing your IT Policy. Automate. All you need is FME Desktop and a task Scheduler.- Michael Baer, St. Louis County GIS Service Center
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Trent Kading

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Safe Software

FME International User Conference 2017