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FME World Tour 2019: Game On!

In 2019, the FME World Tour brought us to four continents. Over 25 Safers hit the road, making 73 stops in 3 months to meet over 5,000 international FME users....

In 2019, the FME World Tour brought us to four continents. Over 25 Safers hit the road, making 73 stops in 3 months to meet over 5,000 international FME users.

We had a blast equipping users with the latest in FME – dark mode, Automations, Unreal gaming engine support, to name a few (download FME 2019.2 now). It is always wonderful to connect with new and old users alike and to see all the innovative ways our users solve data challenges with FME. Come take a look at our Events Team thinking back on their experience with the FME World Tour 2019:  


Gamification of the User Experience

The evil Data Boss took control of FME-tropolis, wreaking havoc and causing big data outages within the city. Turns out, he was just frustrated with a data problem and wanted FME to help. 

So Zipster and the FME Community showed him the power of FME and how fun solving data challenges could be. 

Read more about FME 2019.1 and FME 2019.2

We created Mission: Hidden Codes to echo the journey FME users take to master their skills. Starting with the discovery of FME, the game encourages players to explore the countless formats that live in our world, to upgrade their skills during webinars, at World Tour events, and in the FME Community, to finally level up and conquer the data challenges that they face. Congratulations to all of the winners.

World Tour hosts had a lot of fun incorporating the theme this year, and we hope that you continue to find fun in using FME!


Food Bank Donations 

In 2018, we began implementing a $25 registration fee at all Safe Software-hosted events. 

The initiative began as an experiment to see how it would decrease the no-show rates as we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of material and food waste produced at our events. Since its introduction, we have managed to maintain an average attendance rate of 90% in 2018 and 2019! This incredible initiative has really allowed us to work on one of Safe Software’s mandates of being a cleantech company. 

We raised a total of $38,475 in 2019 FME World Tour and 100% of these proceeds will be donated to local food banks. With our other mandate being local community involvement, we are truly thankful for the opportunity to give back to the communities that we love visiting year after year. We cannot be more proud of our growing FME community who are so wonderfully supportive of this initiative; our contributions will truly make a difference in the procurement and distribution of resources and meals to those in need.


What’s Next 

2020 will be an exciting year with lots of FME events. Not only will we be having the FME World Tour, but the FME International User Conference will also be happening in Vancouver, BC from June 16 – 19. 

It will be a great opportunity for FME communities around the world to exchange knowledge, transform your skills, and get inspired with FME. 

Be sure to register early to receive big savings on your tickets! 



Who We Donated To:  

If you would like to find out more about the work of the food banks, or to stay involved, here is the list of the food banks we have donated to: 

Thanks for another great FME World Tour, and we’ll see you next year!