Contest Details

The data boss’ hold on FME-tropolis extends beyond the World Tour. As part of his evil plan to conquer the world, the Data Boss has hidden different codes across the different FME platforms. We need all data challengers to join in and defeat him for good! Gear up and be prepared to navigate through perilous data tracks.

Your goal is to find the 4-digit code hidden in each mission listed at the bottom of this page. Clear each mission by finding the hidden code and entering it on the contest landing page. Only one entry for each Mission will be eligible, except for Missions 1, 3, and 8 where multiple entries may be eligible. For the full contest rules, please visit here.

Mission Rewards:

Complete any one mission for a chance to win one of five FME Prize Packs (valued at $20). Challengers completing five or more missions* will be entered to win the Ultimate Reward - two passes to the FME International User Conference 2020 (valued at $3,600)!

The contest ends on July 31, 2019 and winners will be selected in a random draw. Please view the full contest rules for more details.

*Challengers must complete Mission #1 to be eligible for the Ultimate Reward.

Passes to the FME International User Conference 2020

1 of 5 FME Prize Packs

Your Missions:


1. Attend a World Tour Event

Join us at one of 70+ events from March to June to see the latest FME updates in action. Learn tips for tackling your data challenges, network with tech experts in your field, and hear inspiring stories from people solving data integration problems just like yours. Be on the lookout for your mission code on the presentation slides. Challengers must complete this task to be eligible for the Ultimate Reward.
Got an additional code at the event? Don’t forget to enter it here!


2. Look at Me

We’ve made the stunning graphics you see at the FME World Tour 2019 into wallpapers so you can keep looking at them after the events. Download any FME 2019 wallpaper and see if you can spot the hidden code.


3. Explore in VR

There are two codes hidden in three 360º VR scenarios. Explore the new Safe Software HQ to uncover these codes now!


4. Ready, Set, Automate

Automations is an important feature in FME 2019, and the FME Knowledge Base has everything you need to get started with it. Pay the FME Community a visit and seek out the how-to article titled “Getting Started With Automations”. If you’re not a member already, be sure to become one in order to access the game code.


5. Let’s Build

Your journey to becoming a master of data transformation begins right here! Download this file and let us walk you through the basics of building a workspace. Connect the right transformers, run the workspace, and get ready to receive your game code.


6. #gameonzipster

Zipster 2.0 is ready to explore the world beyond FME-tropolis. Take him around and share a picture of him in action on Twitter with the hashtag #gameonzipster. Be sure you are following @SafeSoftware so we can DM you the code once you’ve cleared the mission. Take a look at all the places Zipster’s been to here.


7. Join a Webinar

You can upgrade your skills from anywhere in the world at any time! Join us for any webinar during the contest period for a chance to get your game code. Make sure you’re paying attention because the code can appear at any time!


BONUS: The World in AR (win up to 5 codes!)

Experience the world in your head and make it into a reality! Download this file to get started right now.

File Download: This file contains a template that recreates the Pacific Meeting Room in Safe Software’s new HQ. The workspace can be viewed in Data Inspector or in the FME AR app that is available through the App Store and Google Play.
If you use the FME AR app, you can get inside the room, walk around and get the feeling of our new space.

Mission Brief: Unleash your creativity and redecorate the room. Change and modify any part of the room to your heart’s desire! Add a window, re-paint the walls, write something on the whiteboard, switch on your favourite channel, add some 3D objects on the table, or perhaps even invite unexpected guests. The possibilities are endless and we want you to surprise us! Once you’re satisfied with your room, run the workspace and email us the output file at

Deadline: Submissions for the bonus task close on July 1, 2019. The shortlisted rooms will be posted on July 15 and made available for community voting. The voting period will be between July 15 - July 31. The winner of the Bonus Mission will be announced along with the contest winners.

Entries: Each submission will receive one game code. Repeated submissions will not count for extra entries. At the end of the submission period, five AR rooms will be shortlisted. Creators of the shortlisted rooms will receive 3 game codes in total, and the winner will receive 5 codes in total.