FME users of all levels often share their stories on how FME has saved them time and headache by connecting applications, automating workflows and freeing data from silos.

Their stories not only inspire us and the FME community, but they also make us wonder what they do to enjoy all this free time earned. Let’s find out together during our “Relax With FME” contest!

Contest Details

As our sticker says, “FME can do it. I’m having coffee”. FME users can now take their relaxing to the next level with the newest addition to the FME swag family - an FME lizard cooling eye mask!

While they were originally planned to be given out at FME World Tour 2020 events, most of the tour is now taking place virtually. And so, we've created a virtual edition of the eye mask for everyone to join in on the fun!

Show off your latest FME accessory and enter the “Relax with FME” contest with the following steps:

  1. Upload a photo of yourself wearing the eye mask (either the physical one or the virtual one) to Twitter.
  2. Tell us your favourite activity to destress while FME is helping you solve data challenges.
  3. Tag @SafeSoftware and #RelaxWithFME.
Relaxing with an FME Face Mask

How to Create Your Virtual Eye Mask

  1. Open the Virtual Eye Mask page to access the workspace (works on all platforms, including mobile devices).
  2. Upload a photo of yourself or your FME crew; select front-facing images for the best results. For mobile devices, this will turn on your camera.
  3. Click “Send Image” to start generating your virtual eye mask. Be sure that the upload has completed before clicking. Upload speed will vary depending on the image size.
  4. Download the generated image and share on Twitter. Be sure to caption it with what your favourite de-stressing activity is, and to tag it with #RelaxWithFME and @SafeSoftware.
  5. Enjoy your new look!


Grand Prize

Discover even more ways FME can help with your work and data projects at the biggest celebration of FME. We are giving away two Full Conference Passes to the FME User Conference from August 24 - 27, 2021 in Vancouver, Canada!

Prize Packs

Let us treat you to more than just data relaxation. We are giving away five relaxation kits (valued at $50 CAD), physical eye mask included!

All winners will be announced on July 6th, 2020. See Contest Rules for full details.