Safe Software Trademark Usage Guidelines

When using Safe Software's trademarks, logos, web pages, screen shots, or other distinctive features ("Safe Brand Features"), you agree to follow these Guidelines. In addition, if Safe Software grants you permission to use any of our logos, then we may provide you with further written requirements as to the size, font, colors and other graphic elements of those logos.

Our Trademarks

"FME" is the registered trademark of Safe Software. The Safe Software and FME logos are also trademarked.

Proper Use

When used in text, the first reference to "FME" in any webpage, chapter, article or other piece should always be followed by the "®" symbol.

Correct: FME® software provides data transformation capabilities.

Trademarks are used as adjectives to describe a generic noun, and should not to be used as nouns or verbs.

Correct: FME® software is used around the world.

Incorrect: FME is used around the world.

Trademarks cannot be possessive or plural.

Correct: FME® software has the ability to transform data into over 400 formats.

Incorrect: FME's ability to transform data is unparalleled.

Correct: I purchased 3 FME® software licenses

Incorrect: I purchased 3 FMEs.

Do Not Change our Trademarks or Logos

"FME" should always appear in all capitals.

Do not hyphenate, combine or create acronyms of our trademarks. For example, you may not use: FMEblog, FMEmania, F-M-E, etc.

Do not change the scale, design, colors or other design elements of our logos or other Safe Brand Features.

Use of Safe Software Trademarks in Third Party Products

Developers may use the "FME" trademark in a referential phrase to describe that your product or service is for use with or is compatible with FME software, provided that:

  1. The name of your product or service does not directly include the FME trademark;
  2. Your product or service is not advertised, designed, or packaged in a way that may cause consumer confusion with Safe Software's products;
  3. You correctly use the FME trademark in a referential phrase (such as: "compatible with" or "for") indicating compatibility; and
  4. Your product labelling, packaging and marketing materials include the following attribution:
    "FME" is a registered trademark of Safe Software Inc.
    Correct: ABC Extension for FME® software
    Incorrect: FME ABC Extension

Restrictions on Logo Use

As a general rule, you are not permitted to use our logos without a written license except to refer to Safe Software, or our products or services, in the following limited circumstances:

  1. In an area of a website, advertising, or marketing collateral exclusively dedicated to the sale or support of FME products and that includes the following attribution:
    "FME" is the registered trademark of Safe Software Inc.

Uses Not Permitted

  1. As part of the name for any product, service, company, logo, or trademark owned or offered by you, without Safe Software's express written consent;
  2. In a manner likely to cause consumer confusion;
  3. In a manner that implies that Safe Software endorses, sponsors, authorizes or is affiliated with your activities, products or services (unless permission has been specifically granted to you to do so under our Reseller Program or Certification Program);
  4. On any website, marketing materials, product or offering that is obscene, offensive, misleading, libelous, harassing or otherwise violates applicable laws or is objectionable to Safe Software; and
  5. As part of any domain name registered by you

Contact Us

If you are aware of any unauthorized or improper use of Safe's Brand Features, if you have any questions about these Guidelines, or if you would like to request permission to use our logos, please contact us at

Updated on: November 14, 2012