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Congratulations on becoming a Safe Software Certified Trainer!

This resource center provides you with the key information and materials you need to get the most out of your certification. Please bookmark this page as it’s not available through the main website navigation.

Highlight Your Certification

As an FME Certified Trainer, you have access to a specific logo. Before using the logo, please first review these important logo usage requirements (PDF). You will have received access to the logos with your certification – if you need to download them again, please send your request to

Announce Your Certification to the Media

Certification can be a valuable marketing tool. We encourage you to post a press release announcing your designation to the market. To help you, please check out the press release template and guidelines.

Get Your Name Listed on the Safe Software Web Site

As a Certified Trainer, you will be listed on our website so that FME users can contact you directly to discuss your services. If you would like to change your contact information, please send an email to:

List Your Training Courses with Safe Software

Listing your course calendar with Safe Software is easy, send the course details to
*Courses listed on Safe Software’s website must be taught by Certified FME Trainers only.

Certified FME Trainer Training Materials

Training materials for the FME Certified Trainer course can be found on GitBook and in the Partner Portal.

Ask a Question

Now that you have your certification, you may have new questions for us. Please email us your questions at