Co-op Student (January to April 2020)

Surrey, Canada



About The Role

Offering awesome, real-world learning opportunities to university students has been a part of Safe Software's fabric for over 20 years. Our Co-Founders, Don and Dale, believe that students are able to bring fresh perspectives to each of our teams to keep our employees ("Safers") on their toes to continue innovating and integrating the newest teachings at post-secondary institutions.

Every term, we hire Co-op Students from a number of schools across Canada. Our typical recruitment cycle is as follows:

Our work terms are typically 4 months long, but sometimes we're able to extend and keep our Co-ops for another term. In any given term we'll have 10-15 Co-op students working with our team! On top of that, many Co-op Students return to our team after they graduate either with a return offer or seeking full-time opportunities. (Fun fact: About half of our Developers were once Co-ops!)

How Do I Apply?

Safe Software has a strong and longstanding relationship with many Co-op offices across the BC Lower Mainland. We typically posts our Co-op roles at a variety of universities within BC and across Canada and do place priority on students enrolled in Co-op programs. If you see our postings on your university's Co-op website, please apply there. No need to apply on our website.

If you do not see our posting (don't fret), you can apply here. In your cover letter, let us know the type of role you are looking for. If you are looking for a Software Development role, please provide details about the programming language experience or exposure you've gained through your education or personal learning. You or your Co-op Coordinator can also reach out to our Human Resources team at with your questions.

Why Safe is a Great Place to Work

We are a close-knit group at Safe Software. Lunch-hour sports -- mainly soccer and hockey -- are a big part of our culture, and everyone is welcome to participate in our pick-up games. If you prefer an individual sport, you might want to join our keen group of lunch-hour joggers (this group also organizes an annual Safe Software team in the Vancouver Sun Run). We have loads of fun activities to take a break like playing pool, board games, and video games! If you feel like just taking it easy, you're welcome to kick back with a book and mug of specialty tea or coffee in our clean modern lunchroom lounge.

In keeping with our corporate philosophy on the importance of a strong team, Safe's teams often take some time outside the walls of Safe to regroup and recharge their batteries. Common team building activities include: kayaking, golfing, go karting, cooking, and even escape rooms!

What Our Co-ops Have to Say

"The best part of working at Safe was being able to see the value of my work for my team and FME as a product. After orientation and a few easy tasks to get me up to speed, I was given meaningful work and all the help and guidance I needed to be a contributing member of my team. I always felt that what I was working on was useful and had clear value to our customers, and when I finished a task it was easy to open FME and see what impact it had." - Brian (4-month co-op, Summer 2018)

"Safe Software has a very good social presence among employees, and everyone is very encouraging of others. The sports/clubs/events that happen here at Safe make lots of friendships." - Dasha (8-month co-op, Spring to Summer 2018)

"I felt I was a part of the group at Safe right away. Everyone is super welcoming and willing to help out if I ask. In terms of the work I did - I felt I was always working on something that was useful with the potential of remaining in place for a decent period of time. I wouldn't say I ever felt I was doing 'busy-work.' I admire Safe for how quickly they can get the co-ops from training to pushing production-ready code." - Johnathan (8-month co-op, Summer to Fall 2017, now full-time!)

"The company culture is the biggest distinguishing feature by far. Employees are helpful, teams are cooperative and supportive, co-ops' work is respected and integrated, and they receive the same amenities as full-time employees." - Jeff (12-month co-op, Fall 2019 to Summer 2017, now full-time!)

What You'll Be Doing

Our Co-op Students play an important role in various teams across Safe Software. Each term we hire students to join our Software Development teams, however, on occasion we also hire for our Marketing (Events), ITOps, MarketingOps, and Human Resources teams. With each of our co-op opportunities, we treat all of our co-ops like full-time employees.

If you're on our Software Development team, you'll play in important role in the teams that design, implement, and test key software components. You'll play a role in keeping our technology cutting-edge so we can continue to support as many users as possible. Our teams vary and we're looking for developers with exposure or experience to C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby. Typical positions we hire for include: C++ Developers, Python Developers, Java Developers, DevOps Developers, Web Developers/Designers, UX/UI Designers, and Ruby Developers.

If you're on our Marketing (Events) team, you'll have a hand in helping us coordinate a multi-international city event called the "FME World Tour" where we send Safers around the world to promote the newest release of FME! We have roles to help our team with event logistics and marketing communications.

If you're interested in learning more about our other Co-op opportunities, please email We'd be happy to share the available roles we are hiring for!

Qualifications, Skills, and Competencies

We understand that co-op work terms are all about gaining practical work experience (everyone starts from somewhere!) and making lasting connections with peers, mentors, and professional in the industry so, with that being said, we're looking for Co-op Students that possess the following:

Canadian and Permanent Residence applications are preferred.

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