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FME 2014 SP4 Now Available

Save the date for the FME World Tour 2015.

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The Ultimate Geospatial Data Validation Checklist

Review our data quality checklist with 35 criteria.

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How to Overcome 7 Top AutoCAD Road 'Blocks' on December 10th

December 10th - How to Overcome 7 Top AutoCAD Road 'Blocks'

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Data Conversion, Integration and Distribution Platform

FME is a unique data integration platform with built-in support for location that gives you the power to make different data and systems work together to derive new information for your organization. Connect all your data and applications with FME's unmatched support for 325 formats, advanced data transformation tools, automated workflows, and more. FME technology ensures data is readily available to everyone in the format they need so tasks can be achieved more efficiently.