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Benefit Impact Report 2023

At Safe Software, our mission is to provide data integration solutions through FME – the only enterprise integration platform with comprehensive support for spatial data, but ultimately, we’re people who help other people better understand and use their data to find new solutions. We stand by our simple and innovative approach to how we bring our partner’s and customer’s data to life to make their lives better. In a data-driven world, we remind ourselves that we work for and with humans, so human needs always come first. 

In 2023, Safe Software became a BC Benefit Company and chose to self-assess against the B Impact Assessment:


Overall Score: 89 points.

Governance: 16.1 points

Workers: 38.0 points

Community: 18.0 points

Environment: 10.8 points

Customers: 5.9 points


Read our complete report here: Benefit Impact Report 2023