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Do you have a passion for marketing, driven by a desire to help customers solve their challenges? Do you want an experience that catapults your career with opportunities to manage projects, perform market research, write compelling content, and help us pull off a multi-track virtual conference with speakers from all over the globe? Then this paid internship was designed for you.

Safe Software was launched in 1993 by two friends with a shared dream: that data could be used where, when, and how it's needed. Today, thousands of customers in over 100 countries and a wide range of industries use our product, FME (Feature Manipulation Engine). Recognized as the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data, FME enables users to maximize the value of their data. Whatever the type of data – be it maps, sensors, building models, satellite imagery, databases, cloud services, and more – FME is up for the task.

Safe Software is seeking a full-time Product Marketing Intern to join our Product Marketing (PMM) team for the January 2021 co-op term (4-months). In this role, you will help our customers understand how this incredible product can help change their lives. You'll be mentored by Product Marketing team members as we work together to deliver valuable marketing content for our global customer base, attract prospects, and build Safe Software's market intelligence.

About the Product Marketing Team

The Product Marketing team’s role is to assess the market and identify how we can attract new FME users, retain existing ones, and empower our users to become product champions who pitch FME to their friends. We turn this market intelligence into GoToMarket and launch campaigns, and support the rest of the marketing teams at Safe to deliver global-scale events.

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