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All Blog Posts    |   April 2, 2019   |    By Craig Vernon

[New] FME Subscription Pricing for Local Governments

As hinted at the end of our blog on subscription pricing for FME, we are excited to announce another new way for our Local Government customers to procure FME.

This new enterprise subscription model is based on the population the local government serves. We are excited about this for a number of reasons:

  1. Local governments are using FME for more than just spatial data, making it their enterprise solution of choice.
  2. This model enables a city to deploy both unlimited FME Desktop and Server for a single annual subscription price.
  3. It complements our previous subscription model pricing for larger cities.
  4. It enables smaller population governments to deploy the entire FME Platform.

Learn more about Local Government Subscription Pricing

FME in Local Government

Local Government users have always been important to us at Safe Software, as they rely on FME to help them run their government more efficiently.

How does this new Subscription Model Work?

In this new subscription model, the government pays one annual subscription fee for all of the FME deployed within their organization. There are no tiers and no maximum thresholds. The price is based purely on the size of the population being served.

This program allows for multiple deployments such as test, development, staging, sandbox and production as needed.

How does this complement the previously announced FME Enterprise Subscription Model?

This depends on the size of the city.

Small Population Local Government

Small cities may find that:

  • Population-based pricing may cost less than the smallest tier under the FME Enterprise Subscription Model!
  • Population-based pricing may cost less than the price of FME Server!

We did this because we recognize that the smallest communities also have the smallest budgets and the smallest teams, and we want everyone to be able to automate their enterprise no matter their size.

Larger Local Government

Larger governments may find that:

  • Population-based pricing costs more than tiers from the FME Enterprise Subscription Model. In this case, simply choose what works best. The good news here is that the population-based pricing defines an upper bound for FME costs.

CapEx vs OpEx

From a pure procurement flexibility standpoint, it goes without saying that flexible options are always good. With both our traditional purchase model and our new subscription offerings, FME fits into either your CapEx (perpetual) or OpEx(subscription) budgets.

It’s All About Choice

To be clear, we aren’t taking away any of the previous options for purchasing FME. We are simply striving to offer you even more flexibility and cost-effective ways to take advantage of the FME Data Integration Platform. These are exciting times for all of us as we see FME deployed in more and more organizations, tackling more and more data integration challenges!