What is a Local Government Subscription?

This subscription option allows your municipality or county to use unlimited amounts of FME Desktop and FME Server for a single annual price, based solely on the size of your census population. Now all departments within your city can use FME at no extra cost, saving you money and speeding up projects as compared to one-off license purchases since licenses are always readily available.

"The Local Government Subscription has enabled the City of Burnaby to have unlimited access to FME. We’re continually finding more use cases, and this has allowed us to expand our projects outside of the GIS Division for major enterprise integrations while achieving significant cost savings."

— Chad Huntington, City of Burnaby

Benefits of Subscription Pricing for Local Government

Use More FME at a Lower Price

Since government budgets are often fixed, this lets your team use as much FME as you need with zero limits on FME Desktop and FME Server licenses.

‘Free’ FME for All Other Departments

For one annual price, your entire city government can use FME, allowing other departments to use FME at no additional cost.

Leverage OpEx Funds

Instead of a CapEx item, population-based subscription pricing is an operating expense.

Predictable Budgeting

Take the guess out of budgeting. Simply pay the amount matching your city’s population.

Eliminate Time Lag on Projects

Since you have unlimited FME, your projects will never get delayed waiting on licenses.

Reduced Procurement Costs

Save your finance team time by opting for a single subscription instead of multiple one-offs.

Pricing Table

If you have specific requirements or questions (e.g. not enough room in this year's budget), please contact us to discuss your situation.

Total Population Maximum Annual Subscription Amount of FME Desktop & FME Server
1 to 14,999 $ 7,500 USD checkmark Unlimited
15,000 to 24,999 $ 10,000 USD checkmark Unlimited
25,000 to 49,999 $ 15,000 USD checkmark Unlimited
50,000 to 99,999 $ 25,000 USD checkmark Unlimited
100,000+ Contact Us checkmark Unlimited

Note: Pricing above is for end use in United States. To obtain pricing for use in another country, please contact government@safe.com or your local partner.


Still have questions?

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Local Government Subscription

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