FME Professional Certification

Gain Recognition for Your FME Skills

We both know you're an FME® expert, but what about your boss, peers, or prospective clients? The FME Certification Program lets you clearly demonstrate your technical expertise through accreditation as an FME Certified Professional. Designed for consultants and integrators, this accreditation recognizes your proven ability to provide knowledgeable FME support and consulting services.

What are the benefits of this designation

As an FME Certified Professional, you'll enjoy these benefits

Who is this designation for?

This designation is open to consultants, integrators, and professionals who are experienced FME users. Certification is given to a specific individual, not to an organization.

Will I qualify for this designation?

To apply, you must have two or more years of experience with FME and have completed a minimum of three days of FME training (or equivalent) taught by an FME Certified Trainer or an individual at a recognized instructional facility.

As part of the application process, you'll be asked to submit the following:


How Do I Apply?

Complete the Online Application Form.

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