FME Server

Bring the transformative power of FME to the enterprise and make data available like never before

Provide self-serve access to FME data transformations

  • Offload distribution tasks to the end-user with automated transformation of downloaded data
  • Give users the power to transform, validate and load data on their own
  • No FME experience or training required by the end-user

Instantly deliver data to users exactly how it's needed

  • Process real-time and sensor data for use in operations
  • Send notifications and stream data to users in a format that’s useful to them
  • Apply business logic to incoming data and trigger different tasks based on results

Automatically move data from anywhere - to anywhere

  • Transmit data from anywhere to anyone via the web, email and mobile devices
  • Schedule recurring ETL tasks and keep data stores up-to-date
  • Automatically transform and deliver data where and how it’s needed

How FME Server Works

Simply click a button to publish a workflow from FME Desktop to FME Server.

Use FME Server’s interface to execute the workspace, schedule it to run at specified times, or in response to events.

Let FME Server handle the rest.

Customer Success Story:
City of Augsburg

Stadt Augsburg in Germany uses FME Server to provide efficient, self-serve access to 3D city model data for its entire organization - in a format they can use.

Knowledge Base

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