Service Partner


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Head Office)


We believe in implementing technology that transforms our clients' business environments. That's why we offer our end-to-end IT solutions to a selected set of economic sectors where we have deep business and technical expertise, Government, Utilities, Logistics.

Technical Support Consulting / Services

Hamdy Ahmed Mohamed

FME Certified Professional FME Certified Trainer FME Certified Server Professional

Salah Kabil Hashem

FME Certified Professional

Mian Hassan Nazir

FME Certified Professional

Asad Amjad

FME Certified Professional

Abdul Abnan Yazdani Mohammed

FME Certified Professional FME Certified Server Professional

Hany Mashady

FME Certified Professional

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Our FME data integration platform is growing, and is used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide. As a Safe Software partner, you can provide localized versions of FME, be a Managed Service Provide (MSP) for FME Cloud, develop software, services, or tools that leverage FME, and much more. Let’s create seamless experiences together.

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