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All Blog Posts    >    About Data    |   December 21, 2017   |    By Tiana Warner and Stephanie Warner

Episode 6: Coders on Couches Drinking Coffee — Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a powerful new way to understand 3D data. Since FME is so good at transforming data and converting different formats, we wanted to see if we could display 3D objects created by FME in a custom augmented reality app. In this episode of Coders on Couches Drinking Coffee, we chat with Angus, our AR developer, about what he’s been working on.

He’s leveraged ARKit, Apple’s augmented reality framework, which can render 3D objects in OBJ format. When someone wants to use FME to see a 3D object in augmented reality, FME will zip up the OBJ file along with any associated textures, and name the zipfile with the .fmear extension. You can then upload this to the cloud, and use our AR app to see it on an iPhone or iPad.

Coming soon: the plan is to make the app open source on Github, and publish it as a free app on the iOS App Store.

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