FME Betas

Download an FME beta and get early access to the latest FME functionality.

Your feedback on the beta helps improve FME for others in future releases - thank you! Please use our support form to send any feedback or ideas.

FME Server 2017

User based role security is still under development, it may not behave as expected.

See What's New in FME Server 2017

Testing Process

Although every FME beta build undergoes thousands of automated nightly tests, they are not as thoroughly tested as a service pack or annual release. For mission-critical production streams, we recommend an official FME release.

If you want to include some production workspaces in our tests, please fill out our support form with "TestSuite Addition" as the subject and include any relevant workspaces and data. We'll discuss with you the best ways to include a subset of the data into our tests.

FME 2015 BetasStay up-to-date on the latest beta releases by following @FMEBetaBuilder on Twitter.