FME Desktop Pricing & Editions

All of the FME Desktop editions listed below include both FME Workbench and FME Data Inspector, as well as all 475+ data transformers. Pricing varies based on location as well as the applications and file formats you need to read data from and write data to.

Professional Edition

Integrate data from over 300 formats and applications.

$2,250$6,400 USD

additional seats are $2,100

I Want to Buy

Free Trial

Graphical authoring environment

Data inspection applications

475+ data transformers

Support for 350+ formats

Windows, Mac, and Linux

First year of maintenance

Free technical support

Esri Edition

Read and write Esri ArcSDE and Intergraph GeoMedia.

$3,350$8,700 USD

additional seats are $2,900

I Want to Buy

Free Trial

Includes everything in the Professional Edition, plus:

Read/Write: Esri ArcSDE

Read/Write: Intergraph GeoMedia

Database Edition

Adds ability to write spatial data to Oracle, SQL Server, etc.

$6,300$9,500 USD

additional seats are $3,200

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Free Trial

Includes everything in the Esri Edition, plus:

Write: Oracle Spatial

Write: Microsoft SQL Server Spatial

Write: Microsoft Azure Spatial

Write: Teradata

Write: Amazon DynamoDB

Write: Amazon Redshift

Write: JDBC

Read/Write: Netezza

Note: Read support is already included in the Professional Edition unless indicated (i.e. Netezza).

Smallworld Edition

Adds the ability to read and write GE Smallworld.

$8,100$20,600 USD

additional seats are $6,700

I want To Buy

Free Trial

Includes everything in the Database Edition, plus:

Read/Write: GE Smallworld

Note: Pricing displayed above is for end usage in USA. For pricing specific to other regions, please contact us or your local partner.

FME Supports 350+ Formats and Applications


Q. How can I get pricing information?

Prices vary based on region. Contact your local sales partner for more details, or complete this form.

Q. Do you offer Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs)?

Yes, enterprise license agreements are available to customers with a large number of FME licenses. An ELA is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. You pay an annual fee and for the length of your agreement (typically three years) you can use as many FME licenses as you wish, with annual maintenance included and zero cost increases. ELAs are ideal for new or existing organizations who want volume pricing and customers anticipating increasing usage or who require special arrangements – e.g. customized training or support. For more information, please contact your account manager or local partner to discuss your needs and how an ELA might work for you ( or +1-604-501-9985 ext 287).

Q. How can I tell which specific transformers, readers, and writers are included in any particular edition?

You can see a detailed comparison of readers and writers by edition in the format licensing matrix. For transformers, please refer to the transformer licensing matrix.

Q. How do I buy FME Desktop?

To buy FME Desktop, simply contact our sales team via or +1-604-501-9985 ext 287 or find a sales partner in your area. We'll provide you with a formal quote, further purchasing details, and be happy to answer any questions.

Q. What options do you have for enterprise workflows?

FME Desktop is the authoring environment where you configure and run workspaces. To take advantage of automation at an enterprise level, you can run your workspaces on FME Server and FME Cloud.

Q. What's the difference between fixed and floating licenses?

A fixed license lets you run FME Desktop on a single computer, whereas a floating license is shared by multiple people. For example, if you have five users, you could purchase a fixed license for each computer. Or you could purchase a floating license with additional seats. If you purchase a floating license with two additional seats, then up to three users could have FME Desktop open at any one point in time. More

Q. What is Annual Maintenance and how does it work?

Annual maintenance is included with the purchase of all FME products for the first year. It includes software updates, product support, full credit for upgrades, and more. To continue receiving the benefits, you will be need to renew on an annual basis. More

Q. I use the ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension. Do you have any special offers? [Note: the extension is based on FME.]

Yes, a special upgrade to FME Desktop is available with the FME ArcGIS Data Interop edition. By upgrading to a full license of FME Desktop you gain access to additional formats and functionality. More

Q. Is it possible to use FME Desktop at home?

Yes! Learn more about our home use license program for FME Desktop.

Still have questions?

Let us help. Drop us a line via or +1 604-501-9985 ext 287 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm Pacific) or contact your local partner.

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