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Customize Your PowerPoint Slides with Data Figures in FME

Presenting data to the public can be tough. Especially when you have a lot of it. With FME you can create your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides by systematically importing your data files. Whether you have graphs, charts, or maps to display, FME can help you display it all in a few easy steps. Reuse the workflows by you create for future presentations to help maintain consistency in your style and structure.

Display Charts, Graphs, and Maps

With FME you can display a variety of files including images, charts, maps or even CAD data on your PowerPoint slides. Transform your data as needed and then use the PowerPointStyler to designate precisely where and how your data will be displayed in your presentation. Your newly created captivating .pptx slides will be a hit with the audience!

Getting Started With the PowerPoint Writer

Microsoft Powerpoint Writer FME
FME Server 2017

Automate Slideshow Creation

What makes FME even more powerful when it comes to PowerPoint presentations is that slides can be automatically produced. Set up FME Server on a schedule or based on triggers to run your PowerPoint workflows as needed. This is an excellent option for interchanging information while keeping your slide layouts consistent.

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The table below outlines how Microsoft PowerPoint is supported by our different FME products, and on which platform(s) the reader and/or writer runs.

Product OS
FME Desktop FME Server FME Cloud Windows 64-bit Linux Mac
Reader x x x x x x
Writer Professional Edition & Up checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark

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