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How to Connect Autodesk A360 with Your Integration Workflows

FME has a Web Connection for Autodesk A360 which enables easy authentication. Once authenticated, use the HTTPCaller transformer to write operations that incorporate Autodesk A360 into your FME workspace.

By incorporating Autodesk A360 into your FME workspace, you can integrate Autodesk A360 with enterprise workflows involving any combination of hundreds of applications and legacy systems.

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How Bonava Uses FME

Bonava worked with Safe Software partner SWECO to use FME to migrate construction files from various legacy systems in eight countries.

My colleagues heard ‘data migration’ and immediately thought of FME.

Gabriel Hirsch, Sweco

Convert Between Autodesk Formats & Hundreds of Others

Automatically download A360 data and load it into any other system, or load data from any other system into A360 — including GIS, databases, web services, and more.

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Perform Advanced Data Transformation

Manipulate geometry and attributes to get your 2D and 3D data exactly how you need it. Plus, create sophisticated workflows to sort and prepare your files for uploading.

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Validate CAD & BIM Data

Build workflows to perform quality assurance checks on your CAD and BIM data, and automatically repair invalid geometries and flag problem areas.

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Automate Your Workflows

Build your A360 workflow using FME’s drag-and-drop interface and run it whenever new data is available. Use FME Server to automatically run workflows on a schedule or in response to a trigger.

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