How FME Helps the Transportation Industry

As one of the oldest industries in the world, the transportation industry has experienced various trials and tribulations to identify best practices. However, the learning doesn't stop here! With more data being created and collected than ever, you can gain new insights to provide the very best transportation services!

Map Routes and Track Movement

Navigating the skies, bodies of water, or roadways can definitely be challenging at times, especially when you are not familiar with the logistics of the area. Retrieve real-time data on weather or traffic and combine it with data about bike lanes or port schedules to ensure that commuting from A to B can be done as easily and safely as possible.

Plan for the Future

With the world population increasing at an exponential rate, it is inevitable that transportation agencies, departments, and companies will have to find a way to keep up with the pace of change. By monitoring data and planning projects carefully, you can assure that your transportation services are accessible and safe for everyone.

Visualize and Simulate Transportation Scenarios

Data can be much easier to understand when represented on a visual platform. By transforming 2D data into 3D models, not only will key concepts be understood more quickly, but it will also lead to more innovative and creative solutions to help with your supply chain and all those affected by the transportation industry.

Migrate Between Departments and Systems

Collaboration among teams and their data is vital for success. Data is knowledge, and it’s important that it is available to those that need it. By accessing data and performing quality analysis to meet your team’s standards and specifications, various solutions can be solved leading to everyone in your company feeling accomplished!

Organize Data for IoT Management

Mobile applications and “smart” devices are making their way into the world of transportation. Various transportation companies can make use of the internet of things by sending notifications regarding the status or location of vehicles or parcels. Manage IoT data effectively and efficiently to keep all stakeholders connected!

Manage Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicles are no longer independent from other systems. Whether it’s GPS or onboard diagnostic ports, data about a vehicle can now be accessed from various systems. Align GPS data alongside information about customers, schedules, or other traffic variables to maintain customer relations and make sense of vehicle health.

Customer Stories

Stadtwerke Münster

To make transit information more accessible to their citizens, Stadtwerke Munster decided that they were going to be the first German city to put their transit data on Google Transit. While other cities transformed data for Google Transit via code which took up to 2 years to complete, Stadtwerke Munster used FME and completed the migration in 3 months (that’s 8x faster!)

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Google Transit: Importing Data Automatically, An Example

Canadian National Rail

Having detailed, precise information about railway tracks is necessary for CN Rail to ensure that both train passengers and freights are safe during their trips. The GIS team used LiDAR data to understand the assets, surface, and area surrounding the train tracks. With FME, they could transform this data into 3D AutoCAD compatible formats automatically.

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Canadian National Rail


To leverage the information collected with automatic identification systems (AIS), exactEarth used FME. Workflows were created to collect IP data, convert it, and then stream it via web mapping services. With FME, this process of collection, conversion, and presentation could easily be done 5,000,000 times a day to ensure the posted information was always up-to-date.

Learn More About Their Story

FME UC 2014: Processing Near Real-Time Global Vessel Data
yvr airport vancouver
stadtwerke munster
iowa dot
cn rail
bc transit
kansas dot

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What People Are Saying About FME

  • "We essentially had a data decoding nightmare, and a volume of content that had never been seen on a global scale like this. FME was the solution."

    Taylor Nicholls, exactEarth
  • "FME fills a void I didn’t even know existed before. The way it makes the incompatible compatible is phenomenal. Though it’s in the background, what a difference it makes in the job that it does!"

    Dennis O’Connor, KDOT Aviation
  • "The building block nature of FME's repeatable workflows help to ensure that we can sustain our Google Transit offerings while affording us the time to develop other initiatives as well."

    Michael Grant, BC Transit

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