How FME Helps Emergency Services and Policing

First responders devote their time and energy to saving lives in our communities. For them to do this, they must have as much information as possible regarding a situation and they need it to be available as soon as possible. Learn how FME has been used to deliver data and information to local heroes.

Calculate the Fastest Routes

When there’s an emergency, first responders need to try and get there as soon as possible. By processing local geospatial data and applying them to mapping systems, first responders can access the quickest routes based on their location.

Bring Life Saving Information Together

Integrate and exchange data between various systems like 911 dispatch systems or records management systems to enable dispatchers, paramedics, firefighters, coast guards, or police forces to access various datasets related to their emergency case.

Deliver Situational Awareness

Conduct real-time analysis of variables such as topography or property boundaries and deliver insight to those on the ground. Whether you’re assessing risk or dealing with active crimes, understanding the surroundings is critical to keeping people safe.

Leverage Citizen Engagement

Harvest intelligence from citizens via social media platforms like Twitter to learn more about who and what may be at risk during an emergency. Even use the coordinates of geotagged photos to gauge how wide an emergency spreads.

Reduce Manual Efforts

Automatically run integration workflows in the background while your team is out helping citizens to ensure you always have data that is ready to use. Create maps, generate reports, and even send mobile notifications.

Create Open Data Portals

Organize, transform, and even anonymize your data to prepare it for open data portals so that it can be shared with the public. Bring your data into platforms like Socrata to make the transition from private to public even easier!

Customer Stories


To keep the province of British Columbia safe, the RCMP relies on mapping systems to aid with dispatching efforts and distributing open data to the community. With FME, they have been able to streamline and automate their data remodelling processes as well as anonymize crime data they make available to the public.

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Police Data - 2016 Webinar

London Fire Brigade

To increase the efficiency of their routing system and enable better distribution of information to their 102 fire stations, the London Fire Brigade uses FME to streamline their data into a single, authoritative geospatial database. This increases communication efforts and the ability to move quickly — a necessity for any first responder team!

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London Fire Brigade

Cunning Running Software

As the developers of vulnerability assessment software, Cunning Running Software utilizes a variety of tools that transform data allowing their users to create informative outputs. What users don't see is their data actually being transformed with FME. Behind the scenes, there are workflows running to create raster backdrops, display vectors as shapefiles, and merge data into layered PDF’s that can be easily distributed.

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What People Are Saying About FME

  • "Just when we think we’ve mastered it, we find new functionality in FME. I’m constantly surprised by its capabilities. We have lots of projects on the horizon; I’d like to increase the use of FME across the organisation."

    John Cook, London Fire Brigade
  • "The value of FME is realized in the time that is saved and devoted to other important tasks."

    Robert Schultz, RCMP E Division
  • "FME enabled us to reduce our data preparation process from two weeks to two hours with one mouse click."

    Lou Manglass, Athens-Clarke County Police Department

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