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Integrating for the Enterprise

FME 2020.0 isn’t just about connecting data — it’s about connecting teams, too. Improve enterprise productivity by allowing data to move smoothly throughout your organization. Control the flow of your organization's data with new triggers, new output ports in Automations workflows, and support for enterprise integration patterns. And as always, you can do it all without having to code along the way.

  • Implement Enterprise Integration Patterns, the building blocks behind message brokering and application integration
  • Gain flexibility in FME Server Automations with the new Automation Writer in FME Desktop that connect your workflow outputs directly to Automations
  • Control more security features like password expiration dates in FME Server
  • Pilot Program
    Add and remove FME Engines to FME Server on the fly with new dynamic engines to access more processing power.
FME Server Automations 2020

Unrivalled Support For Your Data


Read and write your data into Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse.

Entwine Point Tile (EPT)

Read point cloud data from the cloud with EPT, an octree-based storage format.

Mapbox Vector Tiles Tileset

Write your data to MVT tileset to efficiently build maps in web applications.


Read and write to Revit directly. Simplify walls and floorplans.

Google BigQuery

Write your spatial data into Google BigQuery's data warehouse.

Google AI

Use the new Connectors for computer vision and text analytics.

Microsoft Azure AI

Use the new Connectors for computer vision and text analytics.


Read or write to this popular medical imaging format.

Tech Preview

Read or write to CityJSON to create optimal city models.

Advanced Spatial Projects Made Simple

As the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data, FME is always being updated to feature relevant, innovative solutions for your spatial data. Whether you’re in GIS or simply integrating your spatial data with business data to answer the question of “where”, FME will always have your back.

  • Connect to ArcGIS Pro more effectively:
  • Integrate your shapefile, Excel sheets, and OGC GeoPackage data faster
  • Use new transformers like the RasterRegisterer, RasterSegmenter, and RasterSharpener
  • Access to a wide selection of coordinate systems with the PROJReprojector transformer
  • Allow users to draw and select an area to integrate with your workflow in FME Server Apps
FME Server pothole app

Fun, Fast, FME

With FME 2020.0, you’ll experience the most fun, swift, and powerful version of FME yet. Customize your workflows and work environments with connection line styles in FME Desktop and save time by uploading workspaces directly to FME Server.

FME Data Inspector 2020
  • Many transformer performance upgrades (the StatisticsCalculator is 100x faster!)
  • Use custom connection line styles in your FME Desktop workspaces
  • Render 3D models in the Data Inspector more smoothly and at a faster frame rate
  • Choose a time zone in FME Server Schedules
  • Upload a workspace directly to FME Server (without Workbench!)

Data in the Palm of Your Hands

FME AR and FME Data Express, the FME mobile apps, also have new features to check out. Power the flow of data, no matter where you are. With more flexibility and control, FME mobile apps will have you feeling more creative and innovative than ever.


  • Load models at a 1:1 scale and easily adjust your models needed
  • Place models in their real-world location with geolocation anchors
  • Display models below a surface to expose structures and frameworks

FME Data Express

  • Run FME Server Apps
  • Save parameter presets for your workspace
  • Allow users to select a point on a map to integrate with your workflow
  • Scan QR or barcodes that store parameter values
FME AR App with buildings

New Subscription Programs

An FME Subscription Pricing plan is the easiest way for organizations to take advantage of all the capabilities offered in FME. Subscriptions allow you to both save money and take full control of your data.

Small Utilities Subscription

Pricing for utilities will be based on the number of customers served by your utility.

How it Works

Education Subscription

Pricing for high education services is based on the size of the student population that attend the institute.

How it Works

Have an Idea?

Let us know what you’d like to see in FME in the Ideas Exchange and you may see it in the next release!