Use FME Desktop to easily do the following:

Translate between 335+ supported formats

Share data with colleagues for use in other applications

Restructure and manipulate its contents

Identify data quality issues - and fix them!

Combine data to use in your preferred system


Easy to Use

After a short learning curve - during which Safe's FME training resources are at your disposal - FME Desktop becomes intuitive and you are able to author workflows in minutes. FME Desktop features:

  • A graphical user interface
  • Drag-and-drop transformer tools
  • Self-documenting workflows
  • Data visualization capabilities

Time-Saving Functionality

Workflows run in the background without the need for manual interaction - freeing you to work on other tasks.
Reusable workspaces and pre-designed templates cut down on workflow configuration time.

Absolutely No Coding Required

FME Desktop is designed for use by all levels of technical expertise and incredible transformation workflows can be configured without any knowledge of coding.


FME Workbench

Everything FME, whether via FME Desktop or FME Server, starts in this authoring environment! Use it to configure and run your transformation workflows.

FME Data Inspector

Inspect your data's attributes and geometry. This tool makes it easy to understand data structure - before, after and during translation.