Achieve Harmonization with INSPIRE

Easily Write INSPIRE GML - Without Any Coding

Achieve compliance quickly using FME's data transformation tools to simplify INSPIRE GML writing.

Prepare Data for Contribution to INSPIRE

Meet INSPIRE's data model requirements with a simplified approach in an intuitive graphical environment. FME's INSPIRE writer enables efficient schema mapping from hundreds of source formats without having a technical knowledge of XML. All that is required is an understanding of the INSPIRE schema.

FME Supports

  • 400+ formats and applications for many data types including GIS, database, XML, raster, BIM and more
  • Unicode to handle data in any language
  • Thousands of coordinate systems
  • INSPIRE Annex II and III spatial data themes
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Consume and Leverage INSPIRE Data

Consume data made available through the initiative for use as business intelligence using FME's INSPIRE reader to transform GML data into the required format, model and coordinate system of hundreds of applications.

Automatically Read and Deliver INSPIRE GML

FME offers a graphical, no-code approach to creating OGC Web Feature Services (WFS) with customized WFS workspaces. Once a WFS workspace is deployed via FME Server or FME Cloud, it essentially becomes the WFS, automatically reading and delivering INSPIRE-compliant GML via WFS streams with scheduling and real-time capabilities.

INSPIRE dataset viewed in the FME Data Inspector
Consume INSPIRE GML. Here an INSPIRE dataset is being viewed in the FME Data Inspector prior to transformation.


The INSPIRE spatial data infrastructure initiative is an ongoing project in Europe that will enable the sharing of environmental information across the borders of its members. To comply, agencies across Europe must move their data into INSPIRE's complex GML-based structure.

An INSPIRE workflow in FME Workbench
Create self-documenting workflows in FME Workbench's graphical interface that assemble data from required sources, perform schema mapping and convert data to the INSPIRE model.