If you wish to use FME at home to create proof of concepts, further your education, or simply just to have some fun – then you’re eligible for a free license of FME Desktop.

Please note that this home use license cannot be used for any production or commercial purpose.

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Purpose of License


By taking advantage of our Home Use Program, you are subject to Safe's click-through Software License Agreement which includes the following provision:

IF THE SOFTWARE IS LICENSED UNDER AN ACADEMIC, DEMONSTRATION, EVALUATION, HOME USE, RESEARCH, OR TRAINING LICENSE (each, a "Non-Production License"), this paragraph also applies to your use of the Software and Related Materials. The term for Non-Production Licenses may be limited. Non-Production Licenses cannot be, by any means, licensed, transferred, sold, or otherwise used for any production or commercial purpose. Non-Production Licenses are to be used solely for the purposes of education, research, demonstrations, evaluations, proof of concepts, and prototypes.

Upon expiration of the license file; you may request renewal by contacting info@safe.com