Created a geospatial database by integrating data from Polish Power Grids.

  • 32x faster to complete orthophotomap and digital models
  • 50x faster to check photo completeness
  • 60x faster quantitative data checks.

Visimind needed an efficient way to collect and process large amounts of network data.

Visimind was tasked with a project for PSE (Polish Power Grids) that required collecting data for thousands of kilometres of powerlines and over a hundred power stations. This data would be delivered as a variety of products for PSE, including a geospatial database containing an inventory of roads, buildings, powerlines, electric equipment, and more.

These products would allow PSE to see all their data and assets in various levels of detail, empowering them to make the best decisions. But producing them came with some challenges. There was a massive amount of data to deliver – 10TB of spatial and non-spatial data. They also needed to provide specific data delivery structures such as point clouds, digital terrain models, digital surface models, and orthophotomaps.

How they made it possible no code required. 

Vismind knew they needed data integration software that could handle multiple formats and speed up processing while still prioritizing data quality. After much research, they determined FME was the only solution that could meet their multitude of requirements.

They acquired FME through the official distributor of the FME Platform in Poland, Globema, and FME training allowed them to implement the software across their team.

Using FME, they applied full automation to reduce the working time of processes. They could complete the orthophotomap in 25 hours instead of 800, check photo completeness in 5 hours instead of 150, and deliver all requested spatial data products, including the geospatial database.  

“Due to its flexibility, ease of configuration, constant updating, and development, FME is an ideal tool supporting and accelerating everyday work in the processing and validation of spatial and non-spatial data.” -- Marek Szczepkowski, Project Manager, Visimind