Stad Lier

Stad Lier wanted to analyze a wide range of data in QlikView using efficient techniques.

They wanted to integrate data from 18 suppliers, 46 applications, and more than 2,500 datasets. These datasets were varied and included CAD, GIS, raster, office data, web data, and more. In their research for a solution, the team ran a comparison of 13 different ETL products and in the end concluded that FME was the only perfect match for their needs.

The team uses FME to extract all of this raw data and perform quality control and corrections as required. By using FME they manage their integrations in a clear, documented, and expandable fashion. Scheduled FME processes send the integrated data to PostGIS, which QlikView is connected to. As a result, their analysts are able to visualize all of the data they need in Qlik.

Stad Lier is a municipality located in the Antwerp province of Belgium.