Santa Clara County

  • 2 Million Population of Santa Clara County

  • 50% Increase in the number of known addresses

  • 15 City datasets aggrigated

Santa Clara County uses location data for life-saving services.

Every second it takes for emergency services to arrive matters when a crisis strikes. Having detailed and accurate address data doesn't just save time; it saves lives.

Santa Clara County had the goal of improving its emergency services response time and location accuracy. To do this, their IT department wanted to build a dynamic map of city-sourced address points for their 911 dispatch system. As an added challenge, this current system predated GIS.

They needed to create a standardized address dataset that could be maintained on an ongoing basis. This meant Santa Clara County needed to make it easy for each city to use and maintain its existing workflows.

How they made it possible – no code required.

Santa Clara County aggregated 15 city datasets and supplemented them with public safety layers using FME.

FME helped identify issues like duplicate addresses and generate multiple output formats, like GeoJSON, within the same workflow. They created this standardized address dataset while allowing each city to maintain their existing schemas and workflows.

The result was the Regional Address Map for Public Safety (RAMPS) and the Regional Address Map (RAM; for non-public safety), which empower cities to contribute addresses quarterly. This system has increased the number of known addresses by 50% and helped improve the county's emergency services.

FME Products Used:

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  • FME Desktop

“FME allowed me to make fast iterative changes to workflows as each city’s data turned out to be a discovery process where something unexpected always occurred. This flexibility better prepares me for upcoming changes that may be necessary for Next Generation 911.” - Steven Hong, Santa Clara County