Iowa DOT wanted to build APIs to make their real time public data more accessible, and open it to innovative applications.

The team created near-real time FME workflows that read traffic operations XML feeds like cameras, DMS, 511 events, and Waze. The Iowa DOT also created a custom API library along with Esri Road & Highways. These workflows transform the data through filters and formatters, and provide it to the public in a variety of usable formats including Oracle Spatial, ArcGIS Online REST Services, email, and JSON/XML.

Examples include: ArcGIS Online REST services and Feature Collections provide the ability to create map mashups with little effort; local TV stations use the KML data streaming service, powered by FME, to integrate plows, plow cams, and road conditions with their on-air weather software; and a transformation API called SkyFire, built on Oracle and Esri Roads & Highways, provides “One Call, That’s All” returning results in XML or JSON.

Iowa DOT maintains over 9,400 miles of roadway and 4,092 bridges to serve the transportation needs of the state’s citizens.

“FME is the cherry on top the ice cream sundae that helps bring data together and customize it for your needs.” – David Runneals, Iowa DOT