IHS Markit

  • 5 Hours To complete migration

  • 1.5 Billion  Rows of data migrated

  • 50,000 Customers

IHS Markit depends on data to deliver new intelligence and insight to its clients.

IHS Markit is an American-British Services Provider that uses data for business intelligence and empowers its customers to make well-informed decisions with confidence. They have 50,000 customers in over 140 countries, 80% of which are of the Fortune Global 500.

When IHS Markit decided to move their data into a central cloud data warehouse, Snowflake, the sheer volume of data was overwhelming. They needed to migrate terabytes of data as quickly as possible, without compromising quality, so their business intelligence users could access it.

How they made it possible – in only 5 hours.

Having previously used Denodo, they consolidated multiple databases in preparation for the migration. The team then used FME to migrate 1.5 billion rows from Denodo into Snowflake. They chose FME Server deployed on Kubernetes for the project. The team used FME to split the data and distribute the processing across multiple engines to take advantage of parallel processing.

Using FME Server’s CPU-time pricing (also called “Dynamic Engines”) provided IHS Markit with the ability to spin up multiple engines to enable parallel processing and allowed them to keep costs low by only paying for the number of processing hours used. IHS Markit completed its migration to Snowflake in only 5 hours.

FME's Snowflake-Ready status made it the perfect tool for the job. The prebuilt reader and writer allowed users to load virtually any data, including business, structured, and unstructured, into Snowflake in just a few clicks.

By consolidating data into one central cloud data warehouse, the team can provide its business intelligence users with a single source of truth to pull data from.

FME Products Used:

If you want to migrate data and preserve data quality, FME can help. Spend more time making data-driven decisions instead of fighting with your data. Try FME for free.

  • FME Desktop

  • FME Server

“Dynamic Engines were great for that because we’re not paying for that downtime.” -- Tristan Wright, IHS Markit