IHS Markit

IHS Markit needed to migrate terabytes of data into one central cloud data warehouse to support business intelligence users.

After multiple databases were consolidated into Denodo, the team used FME to migrate 1.5 billion rows from Denodo into Snowflake. They chose FME Server and Dynamic Engines deployed on Kubernetes for the project. The team used FME to split the data and distribute the processing across multiple engines to take advantage of parallel processing. 

Using Dynamic Engines provided IHS Markit with the ability to spin up multiple engines to enable parallel processing, and allowed them to keep costs low by only paying for the number of processing hours used. IHS Markit was able to complete their migration to Snowflake in only 5 hours. By consolidating data into one central cloud data warehouse the team is able to provide its business intelligence users with a single source of truth to pull data from.

IHS Markit is an American-British Information Services provider with 14,000 employees world-wide. They deliver intelligence and analytics to 50,000 customers across the world in business, finance and government.

“Dynamic Engines were great for that because we’re not paying for that downtime.” -- Tristan Wright, IHS Markit